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Residential Life Barnard College
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Life on Campus

The Barnard campus is home to a close-knit community of independently minded, adventurous students. As part of the community, you’ll be empowered to help steer campus life. You’ll find a culture and resources that encourage self-care and compassion for one another. And a constant stream of lectures, workshops, concerts, recitals, plays, films, and other events will keep you busy. 

Residential Life

Living on Campus

College is a big transition: It's normal to have questions. Our Res Life team is here to help. 


Out to Lunch

“Diana is my favorite place to go for one very simple reason: smoothies. Yes, they have sushi and pizza and french fries. But their smoothies.... And you can use swipes for them!”

— Cassandra Clifford ’21

Building Green

Barnard is setting the stage for sustainable, award-winning campus architecture with the LEED Gold-rated Diana Center, and the LEED Silver-rated Milstein Center.

Green in more ways than one

Tucked away from Broadway’s noise and bustle, the Barnard campus is a green oasis where you can hang out on the lawn, take sunny breaks on the Milstein Center’s green terraces, or go for a walk in nearby Riverside Park.

Climate Action


Sustainability and climate change courses


Faculty in 21 departments research sustainability + climate change


Carbon emissions reduction since 2005

Giving Voice and Making Space

Barnard’s rich history of student activism means that diversity and inclusion are woven through coursework and are an essential part of everything that we do. While there’s always progress to be made, read about the strides the College has made to increase representation among both students and faculty.