Learning Digitally

The Power Station, Updated

A dynamic academic hub at the heart of the Barnard campus is changing higher education. The Milstein Center for Teaching and Learning powers a new type of discovery by fusing 21st-century technologies with collaborative student-teacher experiences that cut across disciplines.

Adroitly Digital

Apps and algorithms, data and digerati — you’ll need digital know-how and data-manipulation skills in order to make your mark beyond Barnard, whether you’re a dancer, a historian, or a scientist. That’s why Barnard is the one of the first colleges to make digital fluency a requirement. You’ll think critically about data, leverage digital tools to connect disciplines, and learn in new ways.

A diverse group of history and urban studies students collaborated on mapping the evolving city on the one hand and indicators of economic insecurity on the other.

David Weiman, faculty director of the Empirical Reasoning Center

Essentially Barnard: Digital Projects

“The Worlds of Ntozake Shange”

Students refashioned the works of poet and playwright Ntozake Shange ’70 in this collection of digital storytelling projects.

“From Parquet to Parterre"

This video lecture for the interdisciplinary course The Golden Age of Versailles explores the similarities between the geometric forms of Baroque social dance and the era’s garden design.

“Queering Hispaniola”

Students conducted digital research on the social and political history of nonnormative sexualities and gender identities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


Clay. Book. Painting. Photo. The humanities are inextricably connected to the technologies of the day. Drop by the Digital Humanities Center and you’ll find scholars grappling with the new ways digital technologies can help us teach, learn, and research. One example is the Digital Black Atlantic Project, a digital platform that documents black cultural production across every place affected by the transatlantic slave trade.

The Milstein Center

In the Movement Lab

Dancers explore gaming, motion capture, animation, VR, transmedia dance, movement analysis, and more in the Movement Lab.

The Milstein Center

Everybody Does Data

The Vagelos Computational Science Center is equipped with state-of-the-art workstations, extreme number crunchers, and an interactive, wall-sized display. It’s where you’ll use data science to study the dynamics of galactic evolution, data mine early English literature texts, or map global population trends.

Everybody Makes Media

Make time-lapse videos of plant growth, turn your dance piece into a 360-degree video, animate chemistry — the Milstein Center’s Media Center is where you learn to communicate off the page.

The Milstein Center

In the Design Center

Design and make objects — with 3D printers, digital tools, hand tools, and more — and learn how design problems are connected to history and embedded in social and cultural conditions.