Internship Programs at Beyond Barnard

More than three-quarters of Barnard students serve as interns during their time at the College. In addition to advising students in the pursuit of paid internships, Beyond Barnard facilitates access to supportive funding for undergraduates to pursue unpaid opportunities. Thanks to the generosity of individual donors, philanthropic organizations, and corporate partnerships, Beyond Barnard annually facilitates financial support for more than 500 students who are completing unpaid (or sub-minimum wage) internships or research assistantships.

Why Internships?

Internships are short-term, high-impact experiences where you can develop skills, learn about an industry, and refine your career goals. Three-quarters or more Barnard students intern during their time at the College. Beyond Barnard is here to help you identify, apply for, and secure an internship. And in many cases, we provide the funding to support you as well!

Advising to Support Your Internship Search

Beyond Barnard is proud to help facilitate funding for 500 internships per year. But the majority of students find funded internships outsde of the College! We can advise hundreds of students annually on the pursuit of paid internships. Students can make an appointment to meet with an advisor here to talk about internships.