Barnard Ambassador Program

Launched in Fall 2022, the Barnard Ambassador Program connects alums at select companies and graduate/professional schools to one another and to the student community through the leadership and facilitation of an alumnae ambassador at the institution. Barnard has a strong presence at a wide variety of organizations. Now, when recent graduates are hired at select firms, or gain matriculation to graduate programs where Barnard is well-represented, they have an in-built network of individuals with whom to connect. Ambassadors also serve as organization representatives at panels and events throughout the year to share their experiences with current students.

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Meet the 2022-2023 Alumnae Ambassadors

Company Ambassadors

  • Nilam Patel ‘16, Accenture, Strategy & Consulting Manager
  • Mary Fowler ‘16, Goldman Sachs, Vice President, Client Solutions & Capital Markets, Asset Management
  • Alexandra Gluckman ‘20, Goldman Sachs, Private Equity Analyst
  • Laura Stevenson ‘13, Goldman Sachs, Vice President, Impact Investing
  • Jaclyn Loo ‘05, Google, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Global Devices and Services
  • Hawa Tunkara ‘21, J.P Morgan, CIB Analyst
  • Karen Baruch ‘13, LinkedIn, Director of Product Management
  • Ciana Montero ‘20, LinkedIn, Account Executive

Graduate/Professional School Ambassadors

  • Yasemin Aykan, Barnard ‘21, Columbia University, M.A., Art History and Archeology
  • Abigail Kempf, Barnard ‘20Harvard University, M.D.
  • Natalie Dicker, Barnard, ‘20Yeshiva University, PhD., Clinical Psychology
  • Olivia Roche, Barnard ‘20, Georgetown University, J.D.
  • Elaine Xie, Barnard ‘20, Harvard University, J.D.
  • Rachel Rutstein, Barnard ‘21, Yeshiva University, J.D.
  • Aneeza Asif, Barnard ‘21, Columbia University, M.S., Computer Science


Seeing Possibilities Begins With Representation, And Finding Belonging Begins with Community

The Barnard Alumnae Ambassador Program capitalizes on the strong desire of our alumnae community to contribute to a lifelong network of resources, support, talent, collaborators, and mentorship for each other and current students. At Beyond Barnard, we believe that if you can actively see and project yourself into a role and gain insight into best practices for getting there, your confidence in navigating that journey blossoms. Additionally, research and experience has shown us that school and workplace retention and success begins with finding community in new spaces, and this program seeks to create those connections as our graduates traverse the next stage of their academic and professional lives. In its first year, ambassadors facilitated community connection to their institutions and fields in a variety of creative ways and engaged 173 students and alums in 13 dynamic events. This included:

Graduate/Professional School Alumnae Ambassador Office Hours

Small groups of 1 - 3  students have 30 minute informational meetings with an alum to discuss their experience applying to and navigating their graduate program from the viewpoint of someone currently living the experience. 

Fireside Chats

Fireside chats with Barnard alumnae typically include a panel, open Q&A, and networking. They provide a chance to learn about the wide range of opportunities their industries have to offer. Alumnae share their unique career pathways to their current roles and lessons learned along the way, the value of both quantitative and qualitative skill in industry and room for both STEM and humanities majors to thrive, and the importance of hiring candidates with a variety of academic and personal backgrounds. Alums have also discussed recruiting insights and best practices to help candidates navigate the process confidently. 

Skills-based Workshops

These education sessions led by alums focus on helping the student and alumnae community build skills relevant to their job searches and professional and financial wellness. Examples of past sessions including using LinkedIn to navigate an uncertain job market and financial literacy sessions.

Alumnae Chats

Larger groups of alumnae come together to have small group information meetings and Q& A with students to discuss their professional paths, current roles, and provide tips and advice as only an industry insider can. Students can meet with one alum or engage in a round robin style afternoon of meetings depending on interest. 

Welcome Emails to Graduates

Ambassadors send email welcomes to members of the most recent class of Barnard graduates who are joining their company or school with encouragement to reach out with questions, to get together for coffee, or for help connecting with other Barnard alums at the institution.